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Smith System Blog

Whether you’re a fleet manager, compliance officer, executive, sales director or delivery driver, you’ll find helpful information on the Smith System blog that you can immediately put to use. Learn about driver safety, new technology impacting our roadways, the latest safety stats, tips to make your fleet more efficient, changes in regulations and much more.  

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Global Road Safety: Reducing Collisions with Safer Roads, Vehicles and Drivers

​​How Technology Can Help Tackle Driver Distraction with Paul Ripley & Ted Chen

The ABCs of Fleet Telematics

Holiday Driving Dangers and Safety Tips

Teaching Your Family Driving Safety Using the Smith System

The Most Common Mistakes Drivers Make in Winter

Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips: Follow the Smith5Keys

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The Eyes Have It: Visual Skills and Driving Safety with Dr. Sherylle Calder and Andrew Crickmay

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Drivers Alert Acquisition Announcement

U.S. Traffic Deaths: Vehicles Are Getting Safer, But Drivers Aren't

The Impact of Distracted Driving


Top 5 Benefits of Advanced Driver Training

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