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Smith System Blog

Whether you’re a fleet manager, compliance officer, executive, sales director or delivery driver, you’ll find helpful information on the Smith System blog that you can immediately put to use. Learn about driver safety, new technology impacting our roadways, the latest safety stats, tips to make your fleet more efficient, changes in regulations and much more.  

Is Drowsy Driving Deadlier Than Drunk Driving?

When it comes to sleep in America, we’re just not getting it. And that’s causing some major problems on the road.

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YRC Freight Drivers Find Millions of Miles of Safety with Smith System

For most trucking companies, driving 1 million miles crash free is cause for celebration. At YRC Freight that’s just the beginning.

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Six Ways to Safely Manage Technology on the Road

Carmakers continue to introduce new ways to make driving easier. Safety-minded technology like backup cameras, lane departure warnings and obstacle detection systems help give drivers advantages...

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Smith System Helps Wilson County School District Take the High Road to Safety

When bus drivers for the Wilson County School District in Tennessee get behind the wheel, every single one of them takes the Smith System along for the ride. And, according to Jerry Partlow,...

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Teaching Your Family Driving Safety Using the Smith System

This year, some 40,000 people will die in car crashes, and another 40,000 will never recover from the injuries they receive in vehicle collisions. Smith System, which originated the...

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Five Things Every New Fleet Safety Manager Needs to Know

Safety is a fleet manager’s most important responsibility. It starts with screening and hiring the right drivers and providing them with advanced training and extends to the ongoing monitoring of...

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The ABCs of Fleet Telematics

Your drivers are probably already using GPS technology to plan delivery routes and find your customers’ addresses. But did you know that fleet telematics can also be used to improve driver safety...

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Five Ways to Manage Risks When Driving a Heavy Haul Vehicle

Transporting oversized and overweight loads requires heavy haul permits, monitoring and following load per axle limits, and sometimes even escort or pilot cars to help the driver navigate traffic....

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How to Select an Online Driver Safety Course

On-the-job crashes are not only potentially deadly for your drivers and others on the road — they are also expensive and can expose your company to potential lawsuits and liabilities.

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Top Three Reasons It's Essential to Train Your Drivers

When it comes to your fleet, efficiency, compliance and the ultimate safety of your drivers and other drivers on the road are your top priorities.

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