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Smith System Blog

Whether you’re a fleet manager, compliance officer, executive, sales director or delivery driver, you’ll find helpful information on the Smith System blog that you can immediately put to use. Learn about driver safety, new technology impacting our roadways, the latest safety stats, tips to make your fleet more efficient, changes in regulations and much more.  

100 Days of Dangerous Driving

Many people view Memorial Day as the beginning of summer, and Labor Day typically signals its end. We celebrate the days in-between for their sunshine and warm weather, but safety experts pay...

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8 Tips to Avoid Summertime Driving Dangers

Snow, rain and ice are common cold-weather threats to driver safety, but summer brings with it its own set of dangers. For drivers, the added traffic of summer vacationers is just part of the...

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6 Close Quarter Maneuvering Tips for Heavy Haul Trucking

Maneuvering in close quarters is a challenge in any situation, but the larger the vehicle, the greater the challenge.

For heavy haul truckers, close quarter maneuvering can be particularly tricky....

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10 Distracted Driving Statistics and Facts That Safe Drivers Need to Know

Distracted driving continues to be a threat to safety on today’s roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving was directly responsible for some 3,450...

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Best Practices for Reversing Light- and Medium-Duty Vehicles

Drivers spend less than 1% of their time backing up, but a surprising 30 to 40% of all accidents happen when vehicles are in reverse. For both new and experienced drivers, this continues to be the...

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Key Traits to Look for in an Expert Fleet Safety Program

Safety is always top of mind for every driving safety professional — for many reasons. From a cost standpoint, vehicle collisions rate as some of the most expensive workplace accidents, according...

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The Importance of Converging Fleet Safety Technology

As technology in vehicles becomes more prevalent, drivers have more tools than ever before to provide them with the information they need behind-the-wheel. With in-vehicle options like GPS...

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5 Steps to Creating a Distracted Driving Policy That Saves Lives

Distracted driving continues to be a problem for everyone on the road; distracted drivers can cause harm or even death to other drivers, their passengers or themselves. A 2011 report from the...

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Two-Wheeler Behind-the-Wheel Training: Why Is It so Important?

Knowing the right way to handle yourself behind the wheel is important whether you’re driving a car, truck or large commercial vehicle. But for anyone who rides a motorcycle, driver training is...

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What to Consider When Developing a Fleet Safety Management Policy

If you have a fleet, no matter how large or small, a fleet safety management policy is essential. This policy represents a commitment to a culture of safety and provides guidelines for how...

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