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Prioritizing Workplace Safety: A National Safety Month Commitment

As we observe National Safety Month, it is a critical time to reflect on the importance of workplace safety and the measures we can take to protect our employees. Workplace safety is not just a...

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For any company with drivers, whether navigating heavy-haul vehicles or company sedans, driver training stands as a cornerstone.
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How Automated Safety Systems Lead to Distracted Driving

The tools and technology in today’s vehicles not only make them more comfortable and easier to drive; but they’re also designed to help make driving safer. However, a study released late last year by...

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The Importance of Routine Follow-Up Training for Your Drivers

Driver training is essential for every company that has drivers, whether they’re driving a heavy-haul vehicle or one of the sedans in the company fleet. The most successful driver training program...

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How to Manage Driver Safety Training During the Holiday Season

Winter brings several different challenges for drivers, from fewer hours of daylight to unpredictable weather patterns. That makes it a great time to instill drivers with safety tips and refresher ...

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5 Tips to Help Get Your Fleet Ready for Winter Weather

Driving conditions in winter can change quickly, leading to hazardous conditions on the road. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration attributes nearly one-fourth of all...

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Is Your Company In Need of a More Advanced Fleet Safety Program?

Every company that has drivers — whether that means employees who occasionally drive for work or those who spend the better part of their workday behind the wheel — likely has a driver safety...

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Emotions and Driving: Signs To Look Out For Before You Get Behind The Wheel

We know the dangers of driving drowsy, intoxicated or distracted by technology. But it's harder to recognize how our emotional state impacts our driving.

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What Happens if You Have a Car Crash in a Company Vehicle?

Not all car crashes are created equal. They can cause varying amounts of damage, to both property and people, and they happen for several reasons — from human error to mechanical failure to...

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Smith System Provides Improved User Experience With E-Learning Core Content Update

The updated course is mobile-friendly and provides an improved learning experience. 

Smith System’s E-Learning core content, The 5Keys® to Forward Motion and Reversing, has been completely rebuilt...

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