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Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes: Statistics and Trends

As vehicles have become safer, it would stand to reason that our roads have become safer, too. While such innovations as airbags and seatbelts — along with regulations such as mandated seat belt...

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Is Your Company In Need of a More Advanced Fleet Safety Program?

Every company that has drivers — whether that means employees who occasionally drive for work or those who spend the better part of their workday behind the wheel — likely has a driver safety...

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How to Select an Online Driver Safety Course

On-the-job crashes are not only potentially deadly for your drivers and others on the road — they are also expensive and can expose your company to potential lawsuits and liabilities.

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Behind-the-Wheel Training vs. E-Learning

Driver safety is critical to the overall success of your business. When drivers are involved in on-the-job crashes, it’s the employer who ultimately pays the price. Establishing a safe driving...

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Imagine golf is your passion, but you have a wicked slice costing you an extra stroke on every hole. Maybe you love to cook and dream of making macaroons like a famous French baker. Perhaps you...

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Are Online Driver Safety Courses Right for You?


The truth is, there are no shortcuts when it comes to improving driver safety. The best way to significantly improve performance is to hire the right drivers, prepare them with the best training...

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