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Drivers Alert Acquisition Announcement

Smith System Expands Online Driver Education with 175 New Driving Courses

Since 1952, Smith System® has worked to create a safer world by providing the most effective and trusted crash-avoidance...

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How Space Cushion Driving Promotes Driver Safety

As our roads become increasingly crowded, threats to driver safety increase, too. An ever-growing population and more cars on our roads have been cited as the cause of near-record numbers of fatal...

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Today’s Driver Safety Challenges and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The more time drivers spend behind the wheel, the greater the chance that they will have a crash. As roads become busier and drivers arelogging more miles overall, knowing how to avoid a crash and...

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What Drivers Should Know to Avoid Intersection Crashes

You’ve driven through intersections countless times daily without incident, but, it happens to be one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel. Second only to rear-end collisions in...

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3 Reasons Commercial Fleet Crashes Are on the Rise

Safety behind the wheel is a concern for every driver, but for fleet safety managers, it’s the single most important aspect of the job. Despite advancements made in automotive safety and improvements...

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Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes: Statistics and Trends

As vehicles have become safer, it would stand to reason that our roads have become safer, too. While such innovations as airbags and seatbelts — along with regulations such as mandated seat belt laws...

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How to Select an Online Driver Safety Course

On-the-job crashes are not only potentially deadly for your drivers and others on the road — they are also expensive and can expose your company to potential lawsuits and liabilities.

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Imagine golf is your passion, but you have a wicked slice costing you an extra stroke on every hole. Maybe you love to cook and dream of making macaroons like a famous French baker. Perhaps you have...

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Are Online Driver Safety Courses Right for You?

The truth is, there are no shortcuts when it comes to improving driver safety. The best way to significantly improve performance is to hire the right drivers, prepare them with the best training...

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