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Drivers Alert Acquisition Announcement

June 08, 2020

Drivers Alert acquisition with New E-learning Possibilities

Smith System Expands Online Driver Education with 175 New Driving Courses

Since 1952, Smith System® has worked to create a safer world by providing the most effective and trusted crash-avoidance driver training available. Over time, as driver habits and safety threats have changed, we have adapted and expanded our training to help drivers overcome those challenges. Built around The Smith5Keys®, and more relevant than ever in 2020, our training serves customers in over 100 countries, reaching more than 250,000 drivers annually. 

One way we have changed to meet companies’ needs is by providing E-Learning driving courses covering the most important topics for today’s drivers. Customers have discovered that our online training courses provide an excellent introduction into the fundamentals of The Smith5Keys and can also be an effective refresher on driving techniques that may have slipped over time. 

Now, with a recent acquisition, we have expanded our educational offerings even further and are eager to share these great new courses with you. 

New Courses Provide More E-Learning Options 

Smith System recently acquired Driver’s Alert, a Florida-based company with more than 30 years of experience providing fleet safety management solutions. Through this partnership, we have now expanded our E-Learning course offerings with 175 new courses to provide drivers, safety professionals and HR departments with the largest, most comprehensive library of on-demand driver training available. Whether you are looking to improve specific behind-the-wheel behaviors or want to introduce drivers to core concepts such as space cushion driving or how to drive in dangerous weather, our E-Learning library is always available. 

Partnering with the Driver’s Alert team has enabled the addition of many new topics that go beyond education on driver safety, DOT compliance and workplace safety. Additional courses include HR, leadership development and health + wellness in the workplace. 

And, if you’re looking for a course that is targeted specifically to your company’s training needs, our advanced content management system allows us to quickly create new, customized courses or tailor some of our existing courses to meet your individual needs. 

Benefits of Our Online Driving Courses

With the flexibility of these online courses, you and your drivers can access training anywhere, at your convenience and on a device of your choice. Our courses are mobile-friendly to provide easy, on-the-go access, and we provide knowledge checks and post-tests to ensure that drivers are retaining what they are learning.

While behind-the-wheel training is always going to be the most effective way to improve driver behavior, reduce crashes and save lives, there are times when online courses and video training just make more sense. 

E-Learning is particularly effective when you want to: 

  1. Refresh previous behind-the-wheel training
  2. Train employees who only drive occasionally
  3. Reach employees who work remotely or in different regions
  4. Focus on specific driving behaviors
  5. Identify bad driving habits

Now, with more resources than ever at your fingertips, Smith System can provide a comprehensive driver training solution to meet all of your needs. 

MVR Access Made Easier

Having Driver’s Alert on our team also allows us to provide a streamlined process for accessing motor vehicle records (MVRs). Since the two most significant predictors of future crashes are citation frequency and previous crashes, knowing your employees’ driving history is critical. 

Pulling motor vehicle records (MVRs) is the most effective way to see the information you need about their driving history, but accessing them can be time-consuming. Driver’s Alert allows us to provide a streamlined process for accessing MVRs, which saves you both time and administrative costs. We also make it easier to understand those reports by standardizing disparate scoring systems. This allows you to make a fair comparison of driving records from state to state.

With easier access to MVRs, you can reduce your legal liability, identify risky behavior and provide the necessary steps and training to correct it. We can provide you with records from all 50 states and territories, including Canadian provinces.

Keeping You Alerted to Problem Driver Behavior

One additional benefit of our Driver’s Alert acquisition is that we now offer the popular “How’s My Driving?” decal program. This driver observation program, which was introduced in 1989, uses highly visible decals with a unique ID for each vehicle. It is a cost-effective and accurate way to identify unsafe drivers so you can correct the problem before they are involved in a crash. 

The “How’s My Driving?” program has a proven track record of success and shows that drivers who know they are being observed — and can be reported — are less likely to engage in irresponsible driving behavior. In fact, companies who use the program report at least a 20% reduction in claims, a 50% loss-dollar reduction and a 20% decline in crashes. And, our U.S.-based call center operates around the clock 24/7/365 to make sure we are always available to gather the information you need to reduce your liability. 

Smith System Continues Meeting Your Needs

We are happy to continue to expand the ways we can work with fleets to help keep drivers safer on the roads. As we enter this new phase of expanded capability, we look forward to serving your company.