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Enhancing Safety Culture with Smith System: A Success Story from Arlington ISD In Texas.

At Smith System®, our mission is to create safer driving environments through innovative solutions. We’re thrilled to share a testimonial from Curt Fernandez, the Director of Risk Management at...

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Your drivers likely rely on GPS technology for planning delivery routes and locating customers’ addresses. However, did you realize that fleet telematics goes beyond route planning? It can play a...

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Enhancing Driver Safety through Telematics Technology

Advancements in technology have undoubtedly brought convenience to drivers, yet they have also introduced heightened risks of distractions while driving.

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The essentials of a fleet safety program

Safety is always top of mind for every driving safety professional — for many reasons. From a cost standpoint, vehicle collisions rate as some of the most expensive workplace accidents, according to...
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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Fleet Tracking

A fleet vehicle tracking system is a technology that can identify where each of your vehicles is at any given time. It also gives you the ability to follow drivers’ actions throughout the day and...

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How Negligent Entrustment Can Affect Your Company

If one of your employees has a crash while driving a company vehicle, your company could be found guilty of negligent entrustment and ultimately be on the hook for damages.

Negligent entrustment...

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The ABCs of Fleet Telematics

Your drivers are probably already using GPS technology to plan delivery routes and find your customers’ addresses. But did you know that fleet telematics can also be used to improve driver safety and...

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What to Look for in Your New Telematics Provider

In difficult times, driver safety professionals are often pressured to optimize efficiency and reduce costs, while also being expected to fulfill requirements and strengthen security measures. To do...

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What Fleets Need to Know About the 3G Network Shutdown

Although we’ve been hearing about it for a while, 3G is finally on the way out to make room for the faster 4G LTE and 5G service. 3G was introduced in 2001 allowing 3G devices to do a lot more than...

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Project Management Tips for Fleets

The daily management of a fleet of vehicles can be challenging at the best of times, regardless of the size of the fleet. The task of a driver safety professional includes reducing operating costs,...

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