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Improving Road & Rail Safety in Ghana with Eric Nyame Bbaafi

In this episode of the Global Road Safety podcast, Tony Douglas and Nate Hanson speak with Eric Nyame-Baafi, a road safety consultant for the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety in Ghana....

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Road Safety Progress in Emerging Markets – Pakistan With Dr. Muhammad Navid Tahir

In the latest episode of the Global Road Safety podcast, Tony Douglas and Nate Hanson speak with Dr. Muhammad Navid Tahir who is currently the assistant professor of Public Health at the University...

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Global Road Safety: Reducing Collisions with Safer Roads, Vehicles and Drivers

Motor vehicle travel — which includes cars, public transit, trucks, motorcycles, taxis, and more — supports economic and social development in countries worldwide. And yet, every year, motor vehicle...

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​​How Technology Can Help Tackle Driver Distraction with Paul Ripley & Ted Chen

Paul Ripley, founder of Distraction 999 and the 2020 winner of the Prince Michael of Kent Special Road Safety Award and Ted Chen, entrepreneur and co-founder of LifeSaver Mobile, a company offering...

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A Conversation with NTSB Chairman, Robert L. Sumwalt

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is the government agency responsible for investigating transportation accidents in the United States. In the latest episode of the Global Road Safety...

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The Eyes Have It: Visual Skills and Driving Safety with Dr. Sherylle Calder and Andrew Crickmay

Whether you spend most of your time on the field or behind the wheel, your visual-motor skills have a massive impact on your performance. Tony Douglas, President and CEO of Smith System, spoke with...

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