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From Awareness to Action: Implementing Smith System in Your Fleet

May 14, 2024


Did you know that implementing Smith System in your fleet management can reduce costs, improve driver behavior, and foster a safety culture in your organization?

The Smith5Keys® are the core principles Smith System uses to assess and shape safe driver habits through teaching, technology, and behind-the-wheel training.

What are the Smith5Keys®?

The Smith5Keys® are a set of universal principles that help drivers of any vehicle navigate various environments, challenges, and changes.

  1. Aim High in Steering® (increase eye-lead time with an additional margin for responding efficiently and economically)
  2. Get the Big Picture® (maintain awareness of surroundings for proactive decision-making)
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving® (remain alert, avoid distractions, and maximize peripheral vision)
  4. Leave Yourself an Out® (ensure a space cushion around your vehicle to increase time for safe decisions)
  5. Make Sure They See You® (send warning signals and communicate clearly with other road users)

By implementing the Smith5Keys® into their habits, drivers can drastically decrease unnecessary risks on the road. Smith System integrates these principles into assessment, education, and fleet management, making them second nature for drivers.

Implementing Smith System

The first step to implementing Smith System in a fleet is to assess current driver habits and behaviors. Using data and driver performance metrics from telematics and firsthand observations, it's possible to identify areas for improvement. Training can be tailored to address specific needs, so it is relevant and practical.

How Does Smith System Train Drivers?

Smith System combines classroom and behind-the-wheel teaching. A Smith System instructor delivers the DriverDirect program, while the DriverTrainer program equips and certifies in-house personnel to train other drivers within their organization.

Companies foster and reinforce a strong safety culture through their fleet management. For example, All Chemical partnered with Smith System® to put all drivers through the DriverDirect training course. They identified the program as the perfect way to prevent vehicle damage, protect the public, and support the development of employee careers.

Refresher Courses and Continuing Driver Education

Smith System ensures the highest training standards building on the Smith5Keys®. They offer regular refresher courses and require trainers to undergo continuing education and recertification every two years. This means that everyone delivering Smith System has proven their ability to train at the highest level.

Periodic training sessions integrate and reinforce critical concepts. They provide an opportunity to identify and address emerging safety concerns quickly.

Smith System’s eLearning courses provide a convenient and effective way to introduce and reinforce The Smith5Keys® to safe driving.  They help organizations deliver continuing education with flexibility around operational needs.

Integrating with Technology

When an organization partners with Smith System, they can leverage technology to reinforce and enhance the process. This can involve:

Installing telematics and camera solutions to track driver behavior, monitor vehicle performance, and identify safety risks. This automatically feeds data into the system, allowing relevant training to be implemented.

As well as identifying issues in driver behavior, technology can highlight other needs that can help organizations cut costs, make better decisions about vehicle acquisition, and integrate other technology solutions to enhance the overall safety and reputation of the company.

Fostering a Safety Culture

Creating the right kind of culture of safety in an organization enhances employee satisfaction. Smith System training is designed to build confidence, awareness, and new skills in the drivers we train. They are more likely to feel valued by prioritizing their education and well-being.    

Integrating the Smith System into your fleet management practices is more than just a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency—it's a commitment to safety and excellence. By adopting the Smith5Keys® principles and implementing comprehensive training programs, organizations can empower their drivers to make safer decisions on the road, ultimately leading to fewer accidents and incidents. Together, let's prioritize safety and pave the way for a brighter, safer future on the road.

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