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Enhancing Driver Safety: The Impact of Space Cushion Driving

January 02, 2024


In the fast-paced world of driving, safety remains a paramount concern for both seasoned and novice drivers alike.

An ever-growing population and more cars on our roads have been cited as the cause of near-record numbers of fatal crashes in some areas. The more congested our roads become, the more important it is for drivers to learn the secrets of creating and maintaining a space cushion. 

Space cushion driving is one of the critical elements of The Smith5Keys®, and it’s a proven way to increase your safety. Creating space around your vehicle might sound like an impossible task when the roads around you are filled with vehicles, but there are techniques you can learn that will help you implement space cushion driving every time you get behind-the-wheel. 

Once you know what you need to do, you can apply The Smith5Keys® to create more space and make the roads safer for yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.

Understanding Space Cushion Driving

In the video above we focus on The Smith5Keys® of space cushion driving as they relate to preventing forward motion collisions including techniques to better help you understand the importance of space cushion driving and ways you can implement them no matter the size of your vehicle. Space cushion driving is more than just a concept; it's a proactive approach to navigating the road with safety at the forefront. Essentially, it involves maintaining a safe and strategic distance between your vehicle and others, providing you with the time and space needed to react to potential hazards. The extra space acts as a buffer, allowing for better visibility, reaction time, and overall control of your vehicle.


What Does Space Cushion Driving Look Like?  

Space cushion driving is exactly what it sounds like It means keeping enough distance between your vehicle and those around you to allow you the time to see, think, and react to the changing driving conditions. 

For small vehicles in good weather conditions, that means leaving a minimum of four seconds of following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If conditions are less than perfect, say in the case of rain or snow, then increase your space cushion.

If you’re in heavy traffic and another vehicle decides that your space cushion provides the perfect opportunity for them to cut in front, you may need to momentarily adjust your speed. However, this is not the time to use the horn. 

Ease off the accelerator and slow down to keep a safe distance between that vehicle and the one you’re driving. Most drivers are not lane jumpers. More commonly, drivers get into their lane out of habit and stay there, only changing when they need to exit or make a turn.  

Determining if you’re leaving enough space can be a challenge, so choose a fixed marker (such as a sign or post) that’s ahead of you. 

When the back bumper of the vehicle directly in front of you passes that marker, count off the number of seconds until you reach the same spot. That will tell you whether or not you’re leaving a proper space cushion.

It’s important for you to recognize what’s in your space cushion — not just in front, but also behind and beside you. Watch for drivers who are following you too closely, are driving too closely beside you, and for distracted drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road.  

If you’re in a position where you’re being tailgated or the drivers beside you aren’t driving well, you want to change your position so you’re not locked into an unsafe spot. 

If the drivers beside you are behaving erratically, or if they’re simply not paying attention, slow down and let them get past you, then safely change lanes so you won’t be beside them any longer. 

In situations where you’re the one being tailgated, you can slow gradually and encourage the driver to pass or look for an opening to your right, put on your turn signal, and change lanes whenever it’s safe.

Driving during peak traffic times can present greater challenges when it comes to creating a space cushion, as the roads will be more congested. It may seem more difficult to create space around you, but you can accomplish this goal. 

You have a choice. You can sit on the bumper of the vehicle in front of you at their speed, or you can back off the accelerator and go the same speed with the proper following distance. 

In heavy traffic, try to maintain a space cushion in front of your vehicle and on at least one side. A couple of seconds on the accelerator, off the accelerator, or an occasional lane change is typically all that is required to maintain your space cushion.

What The Smith5Keys Say About Space Cushion Driving

When the Smith5Keys are applied, space cushion driving becomes easier to adopt. Knowing The Smith5Keys will help in all traffic situations, but here’s how they work when it comes to creating space cushions around your vehicle.

No. 1: Aim High In Steering®. 

Learning to look farther down the road to see what’s ahead gives you the advantage of planning your next move rather than just reacting to situations around you.

No. 2: Get The Big Picture®. 

Staying alert to relevant information, such as what the vehicles around you are doing, gives you the ability to make safe, well-informed decisions.

No. 3: Keep Your Eyes Moving®. 

Not only is an active mind less likely to become fatigued, but it is better able to process information. As you use your mirrors to monitor what’s going on around you, you’ll see changes as they happen and be able to adjust your driving plan accordingly.

No. 4: Leave Yourself An Out®. 

By surrounding your vehicle with the most space possible, you’re leaving yourself an out to change lanes and change your driving position, and the traffic around you shifts. The safest position in traffic is the one with the fewest vehicles around you.

No. 5: Make Sure They See You®. 

Make eye contact with other drivers. Make sure they know you’re there, and watch what they do so you can avoid sudden, unplanned movements that could turn into a crash. 

Many drivers today are distracted, drowsy, or frustrated by being in traffic. Your ability to keep an eye on how they’re reacting to conditions, and to make sure they know you’re there, can help keep everyone safer.

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Space Cushion Resources

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