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Smith System Driver Training Boosts Safety and Awareness at Rocky Mountain Power

December 12, 2023

When it comes to driving in remote and challenging environments, safety and situational awareness should always be top priorities. Daniel Bridenstine, a utility forester at Rocky Mountain Power, knows this all too well, as his position requires him to drive trucks through heavily forested terrain on a daily basis. These remote landscapes pose unique challenges that demand heightened awareness and driving expertise. Aware of the risks involved in this line of work, Rocky Mountain Power sought to equip its drivers with the necessary skills to navigate these demanding conditions safely with the help of Smith System driver training.

For Daniel, Smith System’s course was a game changer. Designed to improve driving skills and increase awareness, its emphasis on clarity and engagement made it easy for Daniel to grasp the content and apply it to real-world situations. Smith System training gave Daniel a newfound focus behind the wheel that may have saved his life.

Daniel’s encounter with a potentially catastrophic driving incident serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Smith System’s driver safety training. While in his personal vehicle after hours, Daniel was driving when the front wheel of his truck came off, bouncing across lanes of traffic and causing his vehicle to skid across the pavement. Thanks to his training, Daniel was able to handle the emergency safely and pull off to the side of the road. This incident confirmed to him the importance of keeping space between vehicles and maintaining awareness of potential hazards, both hallmarks of Smith System training. More than just a driver training course, the Smith System experience transformed Daniel’s mindset toward safe driving.


Rocky Mountain Power’s decision to implement Smith System training for all of its drivers has resulted in fewer accidents and shown tangible improvements in driver safety after only a few short months, providing evidence of the value of Smith System training and supporting Smith System’s reputation as the gold standard in driver safety training.  

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