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Why Your Company Needs a ‘How’s My Driving?’ Decal Program

April 11, 2023

Decal Program

If you have ever glimpsed the back of a commercial vehicle, you may have noticed a decal that reads, "How's My Driving?" with a phone number to call for feedback. The ‘How’s My Driving?’ vehicle decal program is a simple, cost-effective way for companies to get feedback on their drivers' behaviors on the road.

This type of driver observation program involves placing a high-visibility, reflective decal on the back of a vehicle with a phone number for people to call if they witness dangerous driver behavior. In some cases, people may call to compliment a driver for good driving. All calls are recorded and forwarded to the company for corrective action, which may include a driver training program or supplemental eLearning courses.

Some companies may view decal programs as old-school compared to modern telematic tracking devices; however, decal programs are still incredibly effective. According to statistics from Driver’s Alert, decal programs reduce crashes by up to 20%.

As part of a comprehensive driver safety program that includes behind-the-wheel training and fleet management tools, decal programs are an integral and cost-effective way to reduce crashes — and their associated costs. 

If you're looking to improve overall fleet safety, here are some reasons a decal-based driver observation program may be right for you. 

How Can a Decal Program Benefit Your Company

Driver Accountability

When drivers know their behavior is observed and reported, they’re more likely to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly. The decal program can provide feedback on behavior and address issues before escalation. This feedback encourages drivers to take responsibility for their actions on the road and make improvements. By promoting accountability, a decal program helps reduce the risk of crashes and improve on-road safety.

Enhanced Safety

Companies can reduce the risk of crashes, injuries, and fatalities by responding to and addressing potentially unsafe driving behaviors immediately. Data from a decal program may be used to identify common issues and focus follow-up training in critical areas.

Public feedback also reinforces a safety culture within the organization, motivating drivers to operate their vehicles more responsibly and creating a more positive public perception. 

Boost Driver Wellbeing and Morale

A driver observation program can help companies identify drivers who consistently practice safe driving and reward them for their efforts. When drivers receive recognition for safe driving behavior, it can boost their morale and encourage them to continue driving responsibly. 

Company Reputation

By giving the public a platform to provide feedback, companies can better exemplify their safety values. It demonstrates that the organization is committed to improving driver behavior, which can improve its reputation and brand image.

When people see that a company takes road safety seriously and addresses issues promptly, they’re more likely to see the company through a positive lens.

How Does the 'How's My Driving?' Decal Program Work? 

The ‘How’s My Driving?’ decal-based driver observation program is designed to save fleets time and money. 

The program includes expertise and quality control screening, so supervisors and drivers only get the information they need. A US-based call center operates 24/7/365, with calls answered on the first ring 90% of the time. Call reports are emailed to a supervisor in under 30 minutes, and every call is recorded. Every incident report is audited for authenticity before being submitted for review. 

As well as the decal service, the program integrates incident-related training recommendations based on data insights. The program also includes multiple eLearning courses accessible via a web platform.

These courses are designed to raise employee awareness and address specific unsafe driving behaviors identified by concerned motorists. Each time a call report comes in, the supervisor can assign the appropriate training course to the driver. 

An Affordable and Effective Solution for Driver Safety

A decal program provides numerous benefits to drivers, the companies they work for, and those who share the roads with them. While it might seem like a simple approach, it still works — especially when used alongside telematics and driver training solutions.

By promoting driver accountability, reducing crashes and liability, improving driver training, enhancing public perception, increasing driver satisfaction, achieving cost savings, and promoting a safety culture, a decal program can help to create a safer and more responsible driving environment for everyone.

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