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The Dangers of Drowsy Driving for Healthcare Workers

Emergency workers are committed to keeping the public safe, but the nature of their jobs often puts them in peril. From fighting fires to combating criminals, emergency responders face a number of...

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Global Road Safety: Reducing Collisions with Safer Roads, Vehicles and Drivers

Motor vehicle travel — which includes cars, public transit, trucks, motorcycles, taxis, and more — supports economic and social development in countries worldwide. And yet, every year, motor vehicle...

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Holiday Driving Dangers and Safety Tips

The holiday season marks the time of year when more people are behind the wheel and have more distractions than usual. While Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fourth of July weekend have, respectively, the...

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Teaching Your Family Driving Safety Using the Smith System

This year, some 40,000 people will die in car crashes, and another 40,000 will never recover from the injuries they receive in vehicle collisions. Smith System, which originated the behind-the-wheel,...

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Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips: Follow the Smith5Keys

On average, nearly half a million people are injured in weather-related crashes on roadways every year and almost 6,000 are killed.

Bad weather causes the rate of traffic collisions to dramatically...

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The Cost of Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Them

As summer comes to an end, the nights get colder and the days become shorter. Another change that many people don’t realize is that for pedestrians, the days also become more dangerous.

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How School Bus Driver Training Reduces Risks and Saves Lives

Anyone who drives for a living (or even just as part of their job) has an added element of pressure and responsibility. But when that job involves driving children to and from school, the...

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Night Driving Tips: How to Stay Safe While Driving After Dark

Driving at any time can lead to challenges. However, driving at night adds to the difficulties that many drivers face regularly. Fortunately, there are things drivers can do to remain safe on the...

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Electric Vehicle Safety Using The Smith5Keys®

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are more common than ever before. With more models expected to reach the market over the next few years, it’s becoming more feasible for companies to use these vehicles in...

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